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Farm Machines play a very important role in the farming sector, be it the sowing stage, crop care stage, harvesting stage or the field preparation stage. With farmers getting more and more aware about the technology day-by-day, the involvement of farm machines is getting more and more integrated with the farming sector.

With the rapid increase in the usage of farm machines, it is essential for the farm machine owners to have more control and update about their farm machines.

With this vision in mind, we are introducing a groundbreaking product Kheti-Eye. With Kheti-Eye we are going to revolutionize the way farm machinery is managed and tracked.

Problems Faced By The Farm Machinery Owners

Once the farm machine is out for work on a day, the farm machine owners don’t know where their machines are at a given time. Furthermore, they also don’t know for sure whether the team assigned to the machine is correctly reporting about the work done by it on that day. On top of that, overreporting of the fuel consumption can also happen if the team is not reporting honestly about the fuel consumption to the machine owner. These issues can lead to a substantial financial loss the machine owner.

What is Kheti-Eye And What Solutions Does It Offer?

Kheti-Eye is a combination of Hardware and Software brought together to track farm machines in real-time 24-by-7.

Kheti-Eye kit includes a device which is to be installed on the farm machine and a smartphone app used to track the actions of all the machines.


Once the Kheti-Eye hardware is installed on the farm machine, you can

  1. Track the real-time location of the farm machine updated every 10 seconds

  2. Track the total distance covered by the farm machine on a given day.

  3. Track the total number of hours the farm machine was running.

  4. Track the current speed, maximum speed as well as the average speed of the farm machine.

  5. Track the number of individual farms the farm machine went to on a particular day.

  6. Track the amount of time spent by the machine on each of the farms it went to.

  7. Track the entry time and exit time of the farm machine on each of the farms it went to.

  8. Track the area of each of the individual farm at which the machine went to.

  9. Track the total area on which the farm machine worked on for a given day.

  10. Back track the path on which the farm machine went through our time lapse feature.

  11. Keep an accounting record for each of the field at which the machine went to.

  12. Have access to all the historical data of the machine movement from the day the Kheti-Eye device is installed on the machine.

  13. Integration of Satellite images for the farms worked by machines to bring more insight about farm.

  14. Dedicated customer care support for any kind of query related to our services.

  15. Easy installation process.

  16. Works on any power operated machines like tractor, combine harvester, power operated tillers, power operated reapers and many more.

  17. Easy payment plans and budget friendly for every farmer.

  18. Payment plans are pay per use basis unlike annual plans of others.

  19. All weather GPS machines.

  20. Home location fencing.


And so much more!


Kheti-Eye kit solves so many problems the farm machine owners face on a daily basis. With the ease of usage of the Kheti-Eye kit, anyone can get onboard this ecosystem and start maximizing their financial returns from the machine instantly without any headache or any extra burden.

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