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About Kheti-X

Farming looks easy when it comes to consumers (because they only consume the product, obviously) but from farmers perspective it is always a task which requires a great attention until they finally sell the product. A single mishap can lead to a tremendous loss which can be sometimes unbearable for farmers. To avoid such instances, farmers should always look for external help in any way possible. For such situations, we at Kheti-X have resources to offer (physical, technological as well as mechanical support) which come handy if contacted and consulted at the right-time.
Here we are going to produce our recent study on “Makhana” and how the mixture of technology and physical data and ground-level efforts we have made this particular farming much easier and maximized outcome of small-scale farmers.
With the help of satellite data, we identified the locations with ponds and then identified the makhana farming lands by using the heat signature of makhana. After the process of identification of makhana farmlands, the next step was to meet all these farm owners and explain the idea of involving satellite data for monitoring their farms and what measures to be taken with changing season and its vegetative and water stress level. Our teams gathered data from farmers and cross verified with satellite imagery and once we showcased the similarities between ground data and satellite data, they all agreed to adopt for the services are getting offered to them.
Throughout the crop-cycle we monitored 100+ makhana farmlands and monitoring overall more than 500+ farmlands in Saharsa District (BIHAR). From seeding till harvesting, our team was constantly helping them with every issue and situation. Once the crop was ready for harvest, we helped farmers with machines which helped them in reaping their crops. We provided makhana processing machines for sorting and grading of the final product. Our machines sort makhana in different categories of 6 suta/ 5 suta/ 4 suta.
Final part of the puzzle is to where to sell the product and what maximum revenue it can generate for farmers. We helped them in connecting to processing units and plants for best outcome for their harvest.

Our Company
Problem Statement 1

Every year thousands of tonnes of the crop get destroyed because of using the machine in an incorrect manner and farmers do not realize this most often.

To remove this error, we can help the farmers to first identify which machine to opt for and for which crop. It will certainly reduce the losses and will result in enhanced yield. 

Kheti-X started with a vision to bring a technological platform through which farmers in the necessity of farm machinery and farm input can connect and get mechanical support hassle-free and with ease without any middle-men involved in the process.

combine harvester.jpeg
Problem Statement 2

Many times, farmers in need of a machine do not know which closest service vendor provides the desired machine and at what price.

We aim to cut down that barrier and bring a platform dedicated solely for farmers to get their requirements fulfilled in time. 


* Farmers don't have to contact multiple vendors.

* Select their desired machinery with a small token amount.

* A surveyor will visit their field to help him/her out how to start or with other measures.

* Our machine team will escort the machine and get the job done.

* Pay remaining amount when the job is done.

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